Help your child learn how to handle money!

Poklet is an efficient and handy app to support parents educating their children about money management. The app comes with a personal payment card for your child – connecting the lessons with real life purchasing decisions.

Test it out for free (currently only available in Lithuania)

Financial skills

Your child will learn to save, invest and try to make money. He/she will also learn to think about when and where it is worth spending money.

Pocket money

You will be able to give your child pocket money via the app and see how the money is spent. You can also agree with your child on jobs to earn additional money.


Your child will have a real payment card and decide on his/her own how to spend money. He/she will learn to handle money not only from everyday situations but also from lessons and while performing tasks.

Start your child on the path to financial success

Poklet teaches your children financial skills that they easily can understand, practice and retain. A strong foundation of financial skills will help in achieving life goals like owning your own house, education, or even going on a vacation.

Your child will be able to manage his/her own money and pay in physical and online stores, transfer money to friends, learn to distribute money, save and invest.
As a parent you have full transparency of your child’s monetary transactions and will receive advice on how to best support your child to grow financial skills.

An educational app for your child

Through everyday use of the app your child will make their own decisions on how to use their money and learn both from experience and lessons provided in the app to make decisions about how to put their money to use.

Payment card for your child – in a safe and controlled environment

Your child will be able to pay in physical and online stores
Poklet provides full transparency of your child’s monetary transactions – dispensing of parent’s worry over not knowing how their child is handling online purchases
As a parent you are able to see and check usage, and change card settings to restrict internet purchases if needed
The payment card transactions are under regulatory supervision (compliant with financial regulations) and governed by an EMI licence.

A handy app

You can easily and conveniently transfer money to your child
You can see all your child’s transfers
Lessons about money management provides a great way for your child to learn how to handle money wisely
You are able to monitor your child’s learning progress and get advice on how to talk to your child about handling money

Teach your child how to grow and earn money

You and your child can agree on remunerations for suggested jobs - providing opportunities to earn money. Savings and investment accounts will encourage your child to pursue his/her goals - learning the importance of financial planning and installing the virtue of responsibility.

How to get started

1 You download the app from „Google Play“ or „App Store“.
2 You download the same app on your child's device
3 Parent and child app connects
4 You have access to free lessons and advice and can start sending money to your child via the app

If you choose to subscribe to the app you get access to additional premium functionality such as: a child debit card, additional lessons for your child and new and updated advice and guidance for parents. The subscription is initiated when ordering the debit card and includes a 3 months free trial that can be cancelled at any time.

Through the cooperation with EMI Poklet is able to offer children a Visa card in their own name. The card is connected to the Poklet account in the child app.